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This site is dedicated to all the friends who, like us love Lindy Hop and Swing dancing, Jive, and all similar moves...The idea of a site comes from too many events and pictures to be shown around and exchanged. We thought, why not a site for all to see and forward?
So here we go. Hopefully this will grow in size and content, but only with all of us helping its growth! please feel free to send us stories, events, pictures, everything that can be nice to see here..and of course any criticism and feedback! Its our site after all.

October 2001
Fede and Mark
where are we dancing this week?
Every week we're dancing at the 100club on mondays , Cjam and Swing Cats Corner on tuesdays, Jitterbugs on wednesdays, and Swing Thing on thursdays. Swinging Brook's on sundays. Check out our Links page for more info.









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