Hi guys


please help making Mark's last Urban Swing unforgettable!

We've come up with an idea - a Mark'sQuerade! So that when he walks in, we're all looking like him in his honor! Oh yeas, how creative are the people in the Swing Bunch!

Also, try if you can, to follow a Mark's dress code for example:

  • goatee
  • baggy pants
  • orange, anything orange
  • loosely fitting tank tops
  • pearl drop earring on the left lobe
  • purple shirts
  • "all-black" especially stringy-black vests

And dulcis in fundo, on the right you will find a link to a Mark's mask - here are some simple instructions:

  • Download and print: colour, even better. If you can have it plastified in your office, even even better.
  • Cut out
  • Steal a pair of chopstick from your favourite sushi or Chinese take away. Wood is perfect!
  • Using half chopstick, and powerful masking/gaffa take, mount the mask to the stick and here it is!
  • You're Mark!

Please spread the word and make an effort! It will be a laugh!

The Swing Bunch team


Download word doc.