DJ Bitterjug Last Urban Swing before he's off!!

It was a blast, true to the original Swing Bunch celebrations' spirit! Lots of people attended, it was crowded but every one was happy dancing and bumping into each other. Mark came in and we showed him our masks (check what we had planned here). Olly, Mel, Colin and others turned up in bald guy style (hats off to mauro for shaving it for real!). People had copied Marks' dress sense: a lot of orange everywhere, and Mithi and Barry in sexy net tank tops. Cherry on the cake was the pearl drop earrings many dancers were sporting with pride! Mark was indeed flabbergasted!

Thanks to every one who helped making the party so special for Mark by attending and smiling all night. In particular thanks to Jessica DJPY for the tattoos, the prints, and the very welcome chocs; Mel for being there and setting it all up; Mithi the 'Talc Fairy©';

Guest appearances from Jerome, Martin Ellis, Lisa, Natalie, Ronnie Slide in top form, Angela Cookie and Rena.

Here is from Mel:

Thank you all for making the night such an amazing time. I personally want to thank all the DJ's for playing their crazy and swingy tunes..

  • Jessica (aka DJPY)
  • Fede (aka Freddy Kruger)
  • Martin M. (aka MC SwingMonstor)
  • Ollie (aka MonkeyBoy)
  • Tom K. (aka JungleKid)
  • Colin (aka Scratchy)
  • Mark S. (aka DJ BitterJug)
    and of course ..
  • Ron (aka Ronnie Slide) !!!
Photos by Roadstar  
Photos by Dave Kim  
Photos from Mel - more on this page

Photos by Olly DJ Monkey Boy    



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You and all the dancing helped to make the atmosphere that much
better. It was soo buzzing that my head is still spinning. (Or was
it all those pints)
I'm really lucky to have experienced this momentus event!
Mark: We'll really miss you.. Hopefully you can return sooner than
from Mel

Yes, much agreement to what has already been said. I had bag
loads of fun and it's a shame that such big parties come out
only when people leave the area. We need more parties like that
for no particular reason. We need more parties like that just
because dancing is such fun! We need more parties like that to
celebrate the people who give life to the scene while they're
still around.
from Dave

And thank you to everybody who turned up last night - I was very
impressed at the sheer number of people we had managed to fit in
into the Urban Bar (trust me, looking down from the platform at all
the eager faces when it was oompah loompah time was pretty scary...)
from Mithi

Yeah! That was a great night !! The place was buzzing!
And being almost too crowded seemed to bring everyone together
somehow. People seemed to be thinking "...Can't do big swing outs but
it doesn't matter, just play around.... no one cares how you look,
just get on with having fun".

And I saw several people falling over on the floor laughing which is
always a good sign.
Thanks to all the DJs and everyone who helped put it together...and
to the Oompa Loompas for teaching us their dance... and to Helen and
Francois for putting me up when I missed the last tube home!
from Daniel