Urban Swing is back for a last session before Bomb the Bank outdoor events returns!!

The party was a success, so we are told, despite neither of the original 'founders' was there! Means the spirit of Urban Swing is still and always strong! Mark DJ bitterjug is in Kenia and Fede DJ Freddy Kruger was stuck at home by a swollen foot (old age...) so it felt a bit strange, but the athmosphere was fantastic! Here are some pictures sent by Jessica DJPY (photographer was lucy), and thanks to the djs (let me know if I missed anyone!)

  • Jessica aka 'DJPJ'
  • Colin aka 'Scratchy'
  • Mel aka 'Itchy'
  • Ollie aka 'monkey Boy'





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last night brilliant fun - can't wait to get out dancing again tonight!

I second that! It was my very first Urban Swing and it was
FANTASTIC...a brilliant and sunny cocktail of fab music, gorgeous
people and wonderful dances. THANK YOU ALL. Oh, and look out for my
photos; they'll hopefully be posted soon.

what a fab sunday!!!! Just wanted to leave a note to thank you to all
the DJs - Itchy, DJPY, Krazi Chick, Swingmonster, Monkeyboy, and
Smooth Helen ... MY!, what CHUNES we had! Mark would have been
soooooooooooooooooo proud! and also to all those who made it last
night (early OR late). Hope you guys had as much fun as i did ... (if
not more!)... I'm still on such a high ... <big cheesy grin>